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Heathcliff! It's me, I'm a tree, I'm a wombat.

In honour of tonight's final I have fixed my telly, and can now watch BBC1 whilst taping Pop Idol. Oh, the tension - can't miss a second!
And off we go...

First surprise of the evening (I'm optimistic and hoping for more - i.e. Alistair not to win) is a new judge - Jonathan Ross. What a good move! Look forward to that, then.

Carolynne is singing first. Her clip tells us that she's happy to be in the final. She knows she's going to be third and, god bless her, she's happy with that. Good for her. Into the performance and she's singing like a woman with nothing to lose - she's enjoying herself, she's confident and she's great. I love it. Alex is nodding at her, quite rightly telling her she was fab. The judges are all positive, and I'm liking Mr Ross, who has obviously been brought in as a foil for Richard Park's nasty comments. I only expect to hear praise from him.

Eww, Paul McCartney. Sod off. Hmm, does this backing put paid to any ideas of axing the show, though?

Alistair next. Alistair has been worrying about being over-perfect on his songs. Ha. He's pissed off David, and there's a nice little humiliation segment. Wanker. He starts his performance off by doing some sort of chicken dance and then we're into vintage Alistair - perfectly passable and perfectly lifeless. Ross is postitive (shock!), Park speaks the truth and for once Patrick shushes the booing crowd to let him speak. Alistair discounts Richard Park with a shake of his head. Gibb - go on, guess what he says.. yep, "I've always liked your voice". We bloody know! David likes it and Carrie makes excuses for his lack of tuning. Good, no sympathy vote then.

(Oops, forgot to start taping Pop Idol! Quick flick - they're on number two. Never mind, I'll catch the recaps)

On to Alex. Alex wonders if this is her fate and other deep stuff. I hope so, Alex! Here she is, with a Tracy Chapman song. This is either a very good or a very bad choice - ahh, it's a good one. Really controlled. She's so amazing; I think I'm a fangirl. After she finished she looks petrified. Park calls it storming, Carrie is thankful she's there, Gibb says she's tremendous, David reckons it's her best performance so far and Ross calls her inspirational. Alex is almost crying.

Interview with Peter - "the world is an apple" - Louise, who has a Robbie Williams song to record and James. I have no idea what James said because I tuned out and became preoccupied with my pomegranate, which had scattered seeds everywhere. I think some divine force was protecting me.

Right, back to Carolynne - we see her journey from first audition to here, opening that Peter can of worms again along the way. She got a phone call from him telling her she ws his favourite, which we saw in her first montage - I wonder what his girlfriend thinks about that? Argh, Bedingfield! She starts singing and again, she's enjoying herself. She's making the most of it and it's another strong performance. On the basis of tonight alone, she deserves second place. I'd rejoice if she got it, but I don't think she will.

My god! It's a female Alistair! How scary is his sister? In Alistair's montage we have a reminder that he was once in the bottom three. So, there's hope. Alistair thinks he's won. Smarmy git. Oh, here's a comedy montage. Singing wise, we're in luck - he's chosen the song he sang badly last time! And again, he does! Good! Whose song is this anyway? Is the original as dirgy?

Hey, Doon! She's an Alex fan and just one of the many famous BBC faces filling up the academy tonight. Speaking of Alex - awwww. There's a definate 'vote Alex' sentiment coming from Cat and Patrick tonight - this worries me. It's as if they know that the public vote is totally unreliable and ridiculous. In response I break my 'no vote' rule and phone up for Alex. Alex is putting in another blinder - hey, they splashed out on a backing track with singers on it! Wow! This is so much better than the first time she sang it - she's just so good. Huh, they show Alistair's face when she's singing and for the second time that night he's sucking a lemon. Hm, feeling it slipping away are you?

Recap - listening to Alistair inbetween the other two I have to wonder what the fuck he's doing there. Not even the same league.

Oh, ok, here's the judges opinions. I wondered where they were. All as expected. Five minutes until results. I have my hopes up - is there a tiny chance Carolynne will get to stay?

To bide us over until then, Claudia tells us what's been going on. They visit the house (did they kick Sneddon out or is this a different one?) and sing at the NEC, ably reported on last week by daweaver, who claimed that the support for Alistair was weak in comparison to the other two - especially Alex.

Right, results.... everyone expects it to be Carolynne, but I can't help but hope... ahh, no. Off she goes. And she's completely fine about it. Fair play, Carolynne. Much respect to you. And damn you, Alistair voters!

Oh god, noooo! Did they just say that they'll be singing with Daniel Bedingfield later? Nooo! What are they trying to do to me?!
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