Wheeler (wheeler) wrote in famecosts,

Results Time Again, Tara-Diddle

But first, My Reflection, a song written and performed by the final four. Sounds like they stole the backing track from Clocks. Alex doesn't look like she's enjoying it. Peter apparently needs the loo again. I think Alistair has forgotten he's on stage. The whole thing rather petered out, but not a terrible effort, I suppose.

Cat's lipstick is hideous! Aaah! How did I not notice that before?

This is a looong show. I just want the results! I guess I'm not watching Byron tonight. OK, the two saved by the public are Alistair and Alex. Actually, I'm just guessing. Let's see what Paddy says. He says Alex. He says Alistair. Well, that was worth twiddling my thumbs half an hour for.

I imagine Peter's going home, but it could be a split student vote, in which case Park probably gets the decider, and it's likely to be Carolynne going home.

Alex votes for Carolynne. Loyalty. See that, Alistair? And Alistair also saves Carolynne. Phew.

So the final is Alex, Carolynne and Alistair. See you next week for the horror that is the victory dance for David Sneddon II.
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