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1825: BORN TO WIN. I'm not hugely impressed by this. Not sure it plays to Dermot O'Leary's strengths. He's more of a live television man, I think. Besides, I don't care about sport.

Next Saturday, BBC1 Scotland brings you Rangers versus Celtic, live from Ibrox! Thank god I'm leaving the city on Wednesday.

1830: Carolynne, Peter, Alex and Alistair. It's the penultimate show. Alex is obviously in no danger, and the public will save Alistair... so I'm betting that Carolynne goes home. Oh look, it's a rare sighting of Kevin. Tonight, four solo songs, two duets and two group songs. Lord.

The phone lines are open throughout the show. Any particular reason for that? Patrick introduces the teachers, who get booed. Carrie's looking autumnal today. Tonight, the public vote will save two people, and those two students will vote on the third. (What if it's a tie?) The teachers don't get a vote.

1835: Carolynne. She's been all very happy until her dad phones and tells her not to lose focus spending time with that naughty Peter. Carolynne's doing "I Don't Want A Lover," although the sound guys forget to switch her microphone on until the second line. Obviously, this really plays to her strengths. This is a very good performance. Maybe if we're lucky Carolynne can split the mainstream vote and kill off Alastair? Pretty please?

Judges. Richard thinks it won't be good enough to get her through to the final. "As a rock chick, I dont think that really works for you." Patrick and Richard squabble again. Richard's wrong this week. Carrie brushes the song choice issue aside and says it was a great performance. David joins her in telling Richard that he's talking nonsense. Robin agrees with Richard. Richard plays heel by shouting "Hear hear" and clapping. Robin doesn't think Carolynne will be in the finals. Richard seems to be on the verge of an apoplectic breakdown tonight.

1844: Peter. He's been sleeping a lot. Peter feuds with Kevin. Kevin: "You want to write the timetable, do you?" Peter: "Yeah, I think I should, actually." The other three stand around looking painfully embarrassed as Peter storms off back to bed. Rock! And! Roll! Carolynne goes to see him and give him a big hug. He's moody, he's broody and once again he'll be expressing it tonight by shouting and jumping around the stage.

Or perhaps not, becasue he's doing "Something," and that's a ballad. Moody lighting. Actual notes. Hey, a sustained note! In key! Well, he's finally taken the hint and decided to try something different, I'll give him that. It's not bad, either, but it's too late in the day - I don't think he's storng enough at this kind of thing for it to take him to the final.

Peter is expecting to go home tonight. Richard thinks the performance was no better than Carolynne's, and calls Peter "a little bit of a charlatan." Everyone boos Richard as he insists that Peter was "weak." Richard and Patrick fight again, and David interrupts to point out that they don't have time. David talks about Peter's "star potential", but was disappointed by the performance. Robin thinks that Peter "did [his] best." Carrie says the first half was weak, but notes that the audience will vote on the series as a whole. Carrie suggests that Peter's fanbase are too cool to vote. Patrick reminds viewers that Bob Geldof is a fan of Peter. Well, that's certainly cool.

1852: Claudia and her video packages. Peter and Carolynne have a late night chat on the steps. Peter thinks that he will look worse with the public because he's the one with a partner. Yeah, and if she hasn't dumped him by now, she's an idiot. They're now hiding from the cameras so that they can snog in peace. Ah, here's a phone call from Peter's girlfriend. She's not happy. "I'm sorry," says Peter blithely. "It doesn't even feel like we're going out any more." Peter tells her that he doesn't want to have that conversation in front of the cameras. She tells him that he's already embarrassed himself, and then hangs up. Oops. That's not going to win him many votes.

Peter campaigns for votes. So does Carolynne, who apparently thinks she's "the cheeky northerner from Leeds." I'm not sure that's her image any more, is it? Alastair does a bland promo, although he does remember to mock the stylist and - now that the teachers' vote is out of the way - decides to mock the judges. It's actually not a bad little segment. Alex does a prison-themed promo. "I'm fed up of living in a �35million mansion... that isn't mine."

Peter and Carolynne go to the Capital Gold awards, where they're presenting an award. Various minor celebrities testify to the excellence of Alex. Who's that man with the beard? Is that Marti Pellow, straight from rehab? Peter meets Bob Geldof, who actually says that his daughters like Peter - not quite the same thing, surely?

Tony Blackburn will be on BBC3 tonight. Youth television!

1900: Alex. She cries on the phone to her mum. She's friends with Alastair, apparently because Peter and Carolynne are spending all their time together. Backing music: "Me and You Against The World" by Space. Alex storms out of a songwriting class after Peter and Carolynne spend the entire lesson giggling at one another. Tonight, Alex is doing "I'm Not In Love," which is a very Alex song indeed. Not sure about that opening line, though - this arrangement doesn't quite complement her voice, it's too smooth. Yeah, this is good, but it's not her best performance. The live crowd adore it, though.

Richard says that she's got an unfair advantage because she's "the only one in the competition with natural god given talent." Carrie disagrees with this rather bizarre swipe at all the other contestants, and then praises Alex's performance. Robin thought that it started nervous but "the quality of the voice shone through". David liked it too.

1907: Alistair. Last week, Alistair expelled his mate James. He's been brooding about it. Look, here he is staring at James' bed. Aww. He's been whinging. Tonight, he's singing "Jealous Guy." Very faltering first line. What on earth is he wearing? He looks like a costume test for Dr Who: The Camden Years. You know who this reminds me of? David Essex. Should get the granny vote.

Alistair is happy with his performance. Carrie says that he rose to the occasion. "One of your best performances." But she's still not sure he has the charisma to carry a career as a solo artist. Robin loved him. David says Alistair has finally done a song with some emotion. Richard hates the performance, and again immediately spirals into a fight with Patrick. Richard is way off into the realms of pantomime villainy tonight. David tries to explain to Richard the concept that Alistair just isn't to his taste. Carrie advances the suggestion that somebody must like him, since they keep voting for him.

1916: Peter and Carolynne singing "I Only Want To Be With You." Well, half of it will be in key. Alex watches with what looks like detached amusement. Peter's all over the place when it comes to the tune. Basically, it's exactly what you'd expect from Peter and Carolynne doing a karaoke classic which has obviously been selected to play off their relationship. It would be fair to say that the session musicians have not lavished much effort on the backing track arrangement.

1919: Heaven and hell time, as Alex and Alistair have a stab at "Everybody's Talking." This isn't a duet, and there's a bit of a style clash going on here. Obviously, Alex is vastly superior.

Judges. David is pleased that Peter actually sang. Did he? He thought Alex and Alistair went together better than expected. Robin wasn't sure about "I Only" as a duet. Carrie thought Alex and Alistair didn't have the same chemistry as Peter and Carolynne. Richard thought they were both poor. As the crowd starts to boo, Richard gets more and more negative. And the crowd starts to laugh at him. Carrie agrees that they're not actually putting in the same effort to the duets.

1925: All four sing "California Dreaming." What's the betting that they've put even less effort into this? Peter takes lead vocals to start, which is possibly wise, since otherwise he'd have to harmonise. Alistair's bit is blandly competent. Peter starts to camp it up. Alex does some rather nice harmonising with Carolynne. Okay, I guess.

Results later.

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